Wildlife Surveyor - Ouse Washes

Saturday 6 January 2018
Vacancy type:
Surveying wildlife
Ouse Washes

What we're looking for

As an RSPB wildlife monitoring/survey volunteer you'll be part of something big – a team of amazing and dedicated people who donate their time, energy, talent and skills to help birds and other wildlife. You will also be helping to protect nature now and for future generations to enjoy. On our nature reserves we monitor and survey many species, both avian and non-avian, in order to maintain accurate information about what is present and to assess populations of key species against management plan targets. This information allows us to assess whether the habitat management we are doing is working, and to fine tune it as new species are found and priorities change. We are looking for enthusiastic and organised people to carry out wildlife monitoring/surveys to support us in this vital area of the RSPBs work.

The skills you need

Essential: Good observational skills, patience, a willingness to learn, a reasonable level of physical fitness, commitment. Ability to work unsupervised or as part of a team as necessary. Desirable: For monitoring work an ability to identify the target species by sight and by sound. Some of the work involves large numbers of target species, so a natural ability with counting is advantageous. A willingness to take part in monitoring/surveys in “unsociable” hours. Previous experience of monitoring/survey work would be an advantage. For survey work, a degree of wildlife knowledge of target taxonomic groups.

Your time

As appropriate. Spring 6-10 days, Winter 5-10 days.
April to June and November to March

What's in it for you?

You will be part of a friendly and experienced team of like-minded nature enthusiasts working to protect RSPB conservation priority species. You will meet a range of staff and make new friends, which will give you valuable insight into our work. Your support will help make a genuine contribution to wildlife conservation giving you the opportunity to learn how reserves operate and see things beyond the usual visitor experience. You will be trained and mentored by a member of staff, providing you with support in learning the monitoring/survey methodology which will help you develop your skills in identification and survey and monitoring techniques.

How to apply


Paul Harrington, Ouse Washes
Tel: 01354 680212
Email: Paul.Harrington@rspb.org.uk


Ability to work flexibly with occasional evening and weekend working. Some surveys require you to work as part of a coordinated team, requiring commitment and being adaptable to changing circumstances, whilst others can be carried out at a time that suits you. A driving licence is highly desirable and access to a vehicle may be required in order to travel to the survey locations. We will reimburse all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses Seasonality – we undertake monitoring/survey work all year round, with focus differing around the various reserves. Examples include monitoring bitterns from March to July, monitoring breeding waders during April/May, counting raft spiders during the summer, moth trapping all year round, butterfly transects from April to September and counting wintering wildfowl once a month from October to April. The work could involve being out in a wide range of weather conditions. Good physical fitness is important as some monitoring/surveys involve walking for long periods and in uneven terrain. Much monitoring/survey work is carried out early morning, though this is dependent on the species and local conditions.

Reference number 8522