Agricultural Communications Support

Around 3/4s of the UK is farmed, having a major influence on many species. The RSPB and its partners are doing lots of work around farming. We need you to help promote our farming work and advice.

Tuesday 28 May 2019
Vacancy type:
Publicity and promotional, Volunteering at home
At home

What we're looking for

We are looking for someone with a real interest in the various ways' food and farming interconnect with nature. We want someone to help us effectively communicate our work in this area and make a difference for nature. We value ideas and innovative approaches to help get things done in better ways. Our internal and external communications is the first point of contact for a lot of people who are looking for information about our land management advice work. Food and Farming' is a very important area of work for the RSPB. The food we consume and how it is produced has a major influence on the fortunes of many species. In the UK, around three quarters of the land is farmed. The RSPB works with food and farming in many ways, including reserve work and science and policy in all UK countries. You'd be supporting the advisory team. We work with colleagues around the UK to develop and promote land management practices that help wildlife. We manage the RSPB's flagship arable farm in Cambridgeshire, Hope Farm . We support colleagues, work with farmers and business', and are involved in various partnership projects

The skills you need

• Experience in using different communication channels to enthuse and influence. We want to get across people's passion and commitment to helping wildlife within the food and farming sectors. • Good IT and organisational skills • Ability to work well with others– including people from the RSPB, partners and other external organisations coordination and communication skills • It is important you are self-motivated as it is likely you will be managed and working with people from distance.

Your time

Work is ongoing, throughout the year

What's in it for you?

Food and farming must be part of the solution for many environmental issues, including helping many cherished birds and other wildlife. Productive land management and a world richer in nature can co-exist. You will be part of a team contributing to this important work, helping to share information and examples on how this can be achieved. You will be making a real difference for nature. The work will be varied. You will be a valued member of a small advisory team involved in various projects to help nature on farmland. This is a great opportunity to get involved and understand more about the RSPB's conservation and communications work. You will have a dedicated line manager who will support you every step of the way. You will receive an induction on our food and farming work, any required training and meet staff involved in this work. As an RSPB volunteer you'll be part of something big - a team of amazing and dedicated people who donate their time, energy, talent and skills to help birds and other wildlife.

How to apply


Gethin Davies, UKHQ Countryside Pol, Agriculture
Tel: 01767 680551


Highly flexible on number of hours and when/where these are completed. There is work for around one day a week, but this could be achieved by more than one person sharing different aspects of the role. Happy to discuss options. For more information or to apply for the role please use 07736 793482 Appropriate training will be provided and expenses will be re-imbursed where necessary. The RSPB is the UK charity working to secure a healthy environment for birds and wildlife, helping to create a better world for all of us. We belong to BirdLife International, the global partnership of bird conservation organisations. Your time and skills could make a real difference to the work of the RSPB and it would be great if you could join us.

Reference number 9022