Water for Farmers & Wildlife Support Volunteer

Water for Farmers & Wildlife Support Volunteers will be assisting with checking, filling and collecting data on the wetlands created as part of the Water for Farmers & Wildlife project.

Tuesday 10 September 2019
Vacancy type:
Practical conservation, Surveying wildlife
Various locations

What we're looking for

Water for Farmers in Wildlife is an ambitious project aiming to change how me manage water in and around the Humber Estuary. Volunteering with RSPB and our partners at the Environment Agency will give you the inside scoop on temporary wetlands, a novel technique being trialled for use in the UK to… • Improve biodiversity. The Humber is known for its internationally significant bird populations. By creating additional wetland habitat inland we will provide more space for wading birds. • Improve productivity. Traditionally 'warping' (allowing estuarine water to flood the land and bring fertile sediment onto farmland) was used in the area and can be credited for much of the incredibly fertile warp-land around the Humber. Temporary wetlands may also provide pest control benefits for crop diseases such as Potato Cyst Nematodes or foot rot (which impacts peas). • Aid flood risk management. As climate change brings increasing extreme weather events we will need more options to manage flood risk. Temporary wetlands could hold excess water to protect buildings, businesses and other agricultural areas. Without a solid evidence base we cannot roll out new techniques on a large scale. The 8 field scale trials at this stage are a necessary step in understanding how temporary wetlands can fit in UK agriculture environmentally, logistically and legislatively.

The skills you need

• Full UK driving licence and access to a vehicle. • Reliable and consistent. • Happy to work independently and report back. • A keen interest in progressing our understanding of water management and agriculture. Desirable: • Scientific background or working towards a degree in an environmental discipline.

Your time

one day per fortnight. Flexible as will be a rota
From Sep 2019 – May 2021
All year

What's in it for you?

You will be involved in an innovative project on the front line of conservation. You will get to know the land, water and ecology of your patch and see its response to the creation of a temporary wetland. You will receive training and gain new practical and scientific skills, and be invited to project events as they arise.

How to apply


Seonaidh Jamieson, Northern Eng Reg Office, Denby Dale
Tel: 01484 861148
Email: Seonaidh.Jamieson@RSPB.ORG.UK


5 sites close to • Beverly • York (south) • Yokefleet • Everton • Luddington

Reference number 9099