RSPB Local Group Treasurer - WInchester

Tuesday 20 April 2021
Vacancy type:
Volunteering at home, Community groups
At home

What we're looking for

RSPB local groups are community based groups, run entirely by volunteers, that promote the aims and objectives of the RSPB in the local community. We offer RSPB members and the public the opportunity to become involved in, learn about and assist us in our work to save nature. The group runs popular events and activities like indoor talks, as well as fundraising and attending local community events. The role of treasurer is essential in ensuring the group operates effectively and makes a good financial contribution to help the RSPB save nature. Responsibilities • Collect and bank income from group activities. • To ensure all cheques raised on the RSPB charity bank account are signed by two registered signatories. New signatories or changes to the signatories for the RSPB charity bank account must be arranged through the Finance dept. • To ensure that all income and expenditure for the group is recorded whether of a charitable nature or otherwise. The financial year end should coincide with that of the RSPB (31st March). • To monitor group finances regularly • To advise the group committee on the financial implications of their activities • Ensure surplus funds are donated to the RSPB when appropriate, while keeping enough for group operating costs. • Attend a one day group treasurers training workshop at our headquarters in Bedfordshire within your first year in role. • To arrange for the accounts to be audited. • To present a financial report at each group AGM, summarising income and expenditure for the previous year, progress during the current year and recommendations concerning funding, including the proposed level of subscription. • To complete the annual financial return for the group and return it to the Finance Dept by deadline date given.

The skills you need

• Confident keeping simple accounts (income and expenditure) and handling and accounting for charity money. • Aims for high standards of efficiency, reliability and quality. • Computer literate with internet and email access and knowledge of using MS Excel. • A commitment to the work of the RSPB and supportive of the Saving Nature Strategy, eager to inspire people to care about what the RSPB is trying to achieve. Always speaks positively about the RSPB and advocates for the RSPB brand. • Respects the need for confidentiality when dealing with confidential information. • Adhere to the RSPB's policies and procedures whilst volunteering and co-operate with members of staff to achieve the aims of the charity. Accept that ultimate responsibility for the affairs of the charity rests with the charity's Council and Management Board. • Group treasurers must be members of the RSPB.

Your time

6-10 hours per month on average
Maximum five year term of office
All year round

What's in it for you?

Work as a key member of the team in a successful and active local group. Make good use of and develop your skills. Satisfaction of ensuring that funds are contributed efficiently to the work of the RSPB and of knowing you are helping to save nature.

How to apply


Hugo Blomfield, At home


You would be able to claim out-of-pocket expenses from the group charity bank account. You would have full support from a dedicated and experienced committee of volunteers, as well as support from staff at the RSPB Brighton Office and the Volunteering Development Department at HQ. For more details visit the group website at

Reference number 9361