Oriental White-backed Vulture

An introduction to SAVE

To make the work needed for vultures as effective and efficient as possible, we have established a powerful new consortium, SAVE.

What is SAVE?

SAVE stands for Saving Asia's Vultures from Extinction. It includes fourteen organisations involved and committed to helping the vultures to date, and this number is steadily growing.

SAVE's roles are:

  • To oversee and co-ordinate conservation, campaigning and fundraising activities.
  • To combine the forces and voices of those concerned about the vultures' plight to produce a highly focused vulture rescue programme.

Forming SAVE is a major milestone in the battle to stop Asia's vultures meeting the same fate as the dodo and passenger pigeon. It is a unique opportunity to help save three critically important species from extinction through a single programme.

Oriental white-backed vultures at sunrise

Who SAVE works with

SAVE partners include:

  • Bombay Natural History Society
  • Bird Conservation Nepal
  • RSPB (UK)
  • National Trust for Nature Conservation (Nepal)
  • International Centre for Birds of Prey (UK)
  • WWF Pakistan
  • Bangladesh National Vulture Recovery Committee
  • Zoological Society of London

There are also Government institutions such as the Indian Veterinary Research Institute and Bangladesh Forest Department.

Long-billed vulture

How you can help

With your help, we can turn the catastrophic decline of the vultures into one of the greatest conservation stories of all time.

If it is to fulfil its potential, SAVE urgently needs your support. Its work in the coming years will not only be technically challenging, but also costly. If you are interested in supporting SAVE, please donate today.

Your donation will contribute to funds held on behalf of SAVE by the RSPB. They will be disbursed to partners on the recommendation of the SAVE board, to undertake vital work to save Asia's vultures from extinction. To find out more, please contact Chris Bowden, SAVE Programme Manager, at chris.bowden@rspb.org.uk.

If you would like to discuss sponsoring a Safe Haven (with a gift of £1,000 or more), please contact Conor Jameson at conor.jameson@rspb.org.uk.

If you would like to discuss bespoke opportunities for your business to help SAVE, please contact Alex Hipkiss at alex.hipkiss@rspb.org.uk.

Vulture extending its wings