A peat bog at Forsinard Flows RSPB nature reserve

Help buy more land for nature in 2022

We can all do our bit to save nature

COP26 has shown we must act to combat the nature and climate emergency. Nature is being destroyed, but restoring it is part of the solution. Your donation could buy peatland and saltmarsh, which are carbon stores and give wildlife a home.

Make change happen


could help restore more habitats to keep carbon in the ground.


could help buy peatlands to save curlews, golden plovers and merlins.


could help create more saltmarshes to protect us from rising tides.

Restore powerful peatlands

Viewing deck overlooking peat bogs at RSPB Forsinard Flows

When they’re in good condition, peatlands are home to some of our most threatened species, like curlews, hen harriers and mountain hares. They also act as an amazingly effective carbon store: they're so valuable, they're the UK's rainforest. But right now, 80% of peatlands are in poor condition. Your donation can help buy and restore them, and keep three million tonnes of carbon in the ground. That’s vital in the fight against the nature and climate emergency.

Reshape strong saltmarshes

A redshank standing in a mud soaked patch of grass

Saltmarsh is found along the coast. It’s an incredible habitat. It gives a home for avocets, redshanks and lapwings. What's more, it can act as a defence against rising tides, protecting towns and villages from flooding. It's able to absorb an incredible four times as much carbon as tropical rainforest. You can be part of its future. If you donate today, you could help buy new areas of saltmarsh – and protect the coast in the fight against climate change.

Nature needs more land to thrive

A dartford warbler perched atop purple heather

Thanks to RSPB supporters like you, over the last 10 years we’ve secured woodlands like Franchises Lodge in the New Forest, extended the heathlands of Arne in Dorset and restored saltmarsh at Mersehead near Dumfries. At the same time, we’ve continued to enhance over 200 nature reserves we already own and manage for wildlife.

We would like to give nature the space it needs to thrive. Could you help us? In 2022, and over the next decade, you can help us to buy and look after more land. Together, we can continue to make the world richer in nature and more resilient to the challenges of a changing climate.

Restore habitats. Save wildlife. Fight climate change.

Help buy and improve more land for nature in 2022