Wheatfields prior to harvest at RSPB's Hope Farm

The wildlife and workings of Hope Farm

Find out more about Hope Farm and why we are interested in farming, read the latest updates from the farm, and see how our work is benefiting the birds and wildlife that make lowland farms their home.

About the farm

 RSPB Hope Farm, Cambridgeshire

In 2000, we purchased Hope Farm, an arable farm in Cambridgeshire. It is contract farmed by one of our neighbouring farmers.

Bird numbers taking off

Reed bunting Emberiza schoeniclus, perched on top of reed mace, Hertfordshire

Since 2000, we have seen a steady rise in numbers of arable farmland birds breeding at Hope Farm.

Setting a baseline

Survey of plant rich field margin, RSPB's Hope farm, Cambridgeshire, England

In our first two years, we collected baseline data on the farm’s wildlife in order for us to see the effects of our experimental techniques.