Loch Garten RSPB reserve. Speyside, Scotland. August 2007.

Living the dream at Abernethy

Jess Tomes reflects on her first year as the Visitor Operations Manager at Abernethy Forest, which she describes as "the most important year of her life".

A year well spent

"It's been just over a year since I joined the team here at Abernethy, after working in the RSPB Inverness office for 10 years. It's been the most important year of my life.

It was a long-held dream of mine (of 20 years) to work here amongst the majesty of the Caledonian pine forest, and there are still many times when I can't quite believe my luck.

One of the many things which makes working here so special is the reaction Abernethy provokes in visitors

They are immediately aware that this is something special, to be protected. Very often, they will say it's like nowhere else they have ever visited. Those reactions instil in people the desire to do their bit to ensure this magnificent landscape and wildlife are here for future generations.

Of course, that's what you do by being a part of Friends of Abernethy (FAB). Your support has enabled much vital work to be carried out here, most importantly, the forest expansion project. To be involved in such an inspiring piece of work is incredibly exciting and humbling.

Promoting the work that goes on here at Abernethy is also part of the role of the FAB Local Group and they recently organised an Open Afternoon at Forest Lodge for the two local communities of Nethy Bridge and Boat of Garten.

Around 50 people came to enjoy walks and talks, and to top it all, Jeremy and Ian drove a trailer-full of folk to the forest edge and chatted about forest management and future plans."

- Jess Tomes, Visitor Operations Manager at Abernethy Forest

How you can help

A view of the loch at Abernethy

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