Ben Lomond at sunset

All change at RSPB Loch Lomond

Emma Wilcock, Community Engagement Officer, reports on two major projects that are helping us to manage the reserve for wildlife and people.

News from Loch Lomond

"New cattle handling facilities and two new bridges were top of our list of projects for this year. Shore Wood is where we bring animals on and off the sites at the start and end of each season, and where we handle any lame animals.

This area of the site does not flood, so it's a key access area. The animals will now be loaded and unloaded in this area using a Land Rover with a trailer, and a small float.

A massive difference

We've also created a turning area next to the animal pens, to allow the trailer to turn. After several years of deliberation and consultation, we received the funds, a contractor and permissions required to replace two problematic bridges on site.

The work was completed in September, and it has already made a massive difference for staff and volunteers working on site.

It was also in September that we began managing the vegetation in the Aber Bog, where we've started the process of restoring the fen area to a better condition for locally scarce plants as well as spotted crakes and other wading birds.

With a very wet September, the cutting was a much easier job than the burning, but a drier October meant we could complete a section of the fen we'd planned for this year. We'll continue this process of rotational cutting in future years to benefit the variety of wildlife found here.

New Visitor Hub

Our new Visitor Hub opened in April 2016, and will reopen at Easter for the new season, seven days a week, along with a new circular path from the Hub."

- Emma Wilcock, Community Engagement Officer

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 Inversnaid RSPB reserve, showing Loch Lomond and alps behind
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