Red Alert

  • 1 in 4

    of UK birds now on the Red List of Conservation Concern
  • 67

    Red Listed bird species need help
  • 5 years

    our goal to give these birds a future

Can you do more for nature?


How is your support helping to save these birds?

As a Red Alert donor, you are helping to reshape the future for these gravely-threatened birds, by supporting a range of urgent RSPB projects across the UK. Thank you!

Focused and targeted conservation work, of the type that you are helping to fund, can have amazing results.

Already, we have seen  bitterns booming again, returning to their highest population levels for 200 years thanks to our work restoring reedbed habitats. Avocets are also now thriving once more thanks to your help – allowing us to create and maintain the shallow pools and muddy islands that they love.

Great bittern Botaurus stellaris, walking through reedbed habitat, RSPB Minsmere, Suffolk, England

What is the Red List?

The Birds of Conservation Concern Red List indicates an emergency for bird life in the UK.

It lists 67 species that need urgent conservation action, from the much-loved lesser-spotted woodpecker to the comical puffin, the elegant lapwing and the majestic hen harrier.

By supporting our Red Alert appeal, you are joining with us in fighting to turn around the fortunes of these and many other precious species.

A puffin preens and cleans its feathers.

With your help


We're starting to win a fight against the clock for these special species.


We've begun to build and protect vital homes for this endangered wildlife.


Your donations have started to help us turn red into amber and green.

What more needs to be done?

Time is running out for some of our most threatened bird species. With the Birds of Conservation Concern’s Red List due to be updated in four years’ time, we have set ourselves a deadline to work really hard to get some of our best-loved birds back on track.

We need continued – or even increased - generous funding from nature-loving people like you to make sure that the range of projects that we are running across the UK can continue, and that new ones can be initiated.

Help elusive ring ouzels in wild mountain and moorland areas; help us stop the decline in lapwings by revitalising the wet grassland that they love; allow us to continue our work turning the tide on the very real threat of global puffin extinction and support our management of Loch Ruthven – a key breeding location for the beautiful and frighteningly-rare Slavonian grebe.

There’s so much that needs to be done for these beautiful birds, and we thank you for the vital part that you are playing in helping to save them.

Male Ring Ouzel, Turdus torquatus. Cairngorms National Park, Scotland.

If we flock together, we can make change

When it comes to saving these species we're all birds of a feather.

Flock with us and help us change the fate of threatened nature.