Philanthropy FAQs

Philanthropy FAQs

How can I make my donation? chevron-down

Donations can be made in a variety of ways. To give by cheque, bank transfer or online, email or call Sarah Standing on 07935 014949 and she will send you the information you need. 

How will you use my donation? chevron-down

Every gift you give, is a gift to nature. Whether you choose to give a general donation or would like to support a specific project, appeal or reserve, your gift will save wildlife and protect wild places.


If you make a general donation, the RSPB will allocate your gift towards our priority projects and where the funding need is greatest. Should you choose to give a gift towards something specific, all funds will be allocated solely towards this. We ensure to be transparent with our appeals and prior to you making a gift, we would inform you of what your gift would fund should we exceed our fundraising target. Additional funds raised are often used for the wider work of the RSPB to restore habitats and save species.

Can I make a gift to a specific project or reserve? chevron-down

Yes, you are able to give a significant gift to a specific project or reserve.


Projects can change regularly depending on the funding need and potential time constraints, but we would discuss the different options available to you and ensure that your gift is directed towards a project or reserve which resonates with you the most.


Please email the Philanthropy team at if you would like to make a donation to a specific project or reserve and we can discuss this with you further. 

How will my gift be acknowledged? chevron-down

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your gift and a thank you by email or post from a member of the Philanthropy Team. We can also provide an official receipt should you need this for your records and we will offer to include an acknowledgement in our Annual Report, for gifts over £5,000. In some circumstances there may be an opportunity for your gift to be recognised at one of our reserves.

Can I split my donation over multiple years? chevron-down

We are happy to tailor your giving to suit you and can agree a pledge with you that covers more than one year. This helps the RSPB plan its income, which means we can have more certainty with regard to the work your donation will fund.

Can you tell me more about how Gift Aid works? chevron-down

As a registered charity, the RSPB can reclaim the tax on your membership subscriptions and donations if you pay UK Income or Capital Gains Tax.  Gift Aid means that for every £1 you give us, the RSPB can get a further 25p from HM Revenue & Customs.


If you would like to find out more about Gift Aid please visit the RSPB Gift Aid FAQ page to find the answers to some of the most common questions.


If you would like the RSPB to claim from the Gift Aid scheme on your behalf, you can sign up here

How will I get to hear about the impact of my gift? chevron-down

We will keep you updated on the impact of your gift in various ways throughout the year. We work very closely with project and reserve teams who provide us with reports and updates which we then share with our closest supporters.


We have a programme of events exclusive to philanthropists enabling you to see first-hand how your gift is making a difference. These events vary from online webinars to behind-the-scenes visits to reserves.


We also produce a quarterly publication called ‘Philanthropy Matters’ which includes updates on projects philanthropists have supported, some of the lesser-known stories from across the RSPB and on occasion, the first look at upcoming projects and appeals. 

Can I visit the reserve or project I have supported? chevron-down

Our reserves are vital havens for a huge range of species, and special spaces for us all to get closer to nature. To say thank you for a significant gift we can arrange a bespoke tour with our reserve team on the ground. They can tell you more about the work you have supported and might even take you to see parts of the reserve not accessible to the public. However, you are welcome to visit any of our public reserves and can find out details via our Reserves A-Z page

Can I support if I live outside the UK? chevron-down

We can accept gifts from anywhere in the world, via bank transfer, but these may not be eligible for tax relief. Please contact us for further information should you wish to donate from outside the UK or in a non-Sterling currency.

Can I make a gift of shares? chevron-down

Yes, you can gift your shares to support the work of the RSPB.


Giving shares is a highly tax efficient way to support a charity. Around £100 million of shares are given to charities each year. Not only is there Income Tax relief but exemption on Capital Gains tax. All the tax relief goes to the donor. For further information about tax relief when making a gift of shares please visit the Government website. The RSPB is unable to give financial advice and we recommend that you seek professional guidance before making a significant gift of shares.


Please email or call Sarah Standing on 07935 014949 to find out how you can make a gift of shares to the RSPB.

Can I make a gift of land? chevron-down

We are very happy to consider all offers of land. We would need to work closely with our land acquisition and ecology colleagues to ascertain if we are in a position to take on the land.


Please get in touch to discuss this further by emailing or call Sarah Standing on 07935 014949.

Can I make any other non-monetary donation? chevron-down

There are so many ways you can make a difference for nature and we would be delighted to discuss any support you are able to give, directing you to other teams where necessary.


We do accept gifts such as artwork or rare books, but these would need to be independently assessed and would likely need to be sold at auction with the RSPB receiving the proceeds. If you wish to donate your stamp collections, coins or medals, here is how you go about it.


We have a long-running scheme for optics which enables good quality donated scopes and binoculars to be passed on to other conservation and education organisations. Follow this link for further details.


If you wish to volunteer or fundraise for the RSPB, please look at these pages on our website.

How do you manage my contact preferences? chevron-down

The protection of your data is very important to us.  The details and communication preferences you give us will be kept safe and secure, only used by us, and will not be shared with anyone else. We also keep a note of the communications you have asked to receive from the Philanthropy Team and the manner in which you have asked to hear from us. However, should you ever wish to change our communication methods please do let us know.


If you would like to know more or understand your data protection rights, please see our privacy policy.  

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To discuss making a gift or to discover more please email or call Sarah Standing on 07935014949