RSPB/Aldi Greenspace event, Young girl holding a ladybird with a RSPB volunteer.

Aldi and the RSPB

Children in England, Wales and Scotland have enjoyed more than half a million nature experiences, thanks to a four-year partnership with Aldi.

A big thank you

Thanks to the Aldi-RSPB partnership, thousands of children have been inspired to get closer to wildlife and enjoyed time outside in nature. The RSPB-Aldi “Connecting Children with Nature” partnership promoted the positive impact nature has on children’s learning, physical health and emotional wellbeing and was launched in response to the well-documented decline in the time British children spend outdoors and in nature.

A huge thank you to Aldi and their customers for their support. We’ve achieved an incredible milestone and we’ve been able to take a huge step forward in our ambition to make childhood wild again.

Rebecca Munro, RSPB Director of Fundraising and Communications

You can find out more about what our partnership achieved in our report: The power of partnerships – Connecting children to nature


Take a look

Don’t just read about it – watch our video to find out more about what we’ve achieved and the impact that it has had on the children who have taken part in the Connecting Children with Nature activities.

Take a look

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Working together

Children today spend less time outdoors then their parents or grandparents did. We worked with Aldi to engage families with free and fun sessions in urban city parks in schools, and online through an awards scheme called the Wild Challenge. This means that any child, anywhere, can connect with nature. Whether it’s doing a bioblitz on school grounds, or creating a piece of wild art, the programme was designed to inspire the next generation to enjoy, discover and look after the natural world.

“Being outside and spending time in nature is hugely educational for children, and we’re honoured to be part of campaign that reached so many young people. We hope to have helped make a truly positive impact – not only on the children involved, but in the effort to preserve the wildlife in our hedgerows and gardens.”

Fritz Walleczek, Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility at Aldi UK

We've visited schools over 13,000 times
30,268 children received a fully funded reserve visit


Our vision was to enable 500,000 connections to nature experiences. Here are the figures:

  • More than 420 volunteers donated a total of 21,000 hours of their time, in more than 3,000 schools across 17 cities in England, Wales and Scotland.
  • Children have taken more than 150,000 actions for nature, in gardens, local green spaces and school grounds.
  • Together, they have created more than 30,000 new homes for birds, mammals and minibeasts, built more than 6,000 ponds, and created 7,000 hedgehog cafes.
  • Four RSPB reserves have hosted 30,000 free school visits.
  • Families have enjoyed fun nature experiences at more than 200 green spaces.
RSPB/Aldi Greenspace event, Children looking for wildlife as part of an activity with a RSPB volunteer, St Andrew's Park
A volunteer at a Wild Park

A positive impact

An impact study, funded through the partnership, has found that as a result of these projects, an overwhelming number of children want to turn off the TV, put down their devices and spend more time outside exploring nature:

  • 85% of school children agreed that they want to spend more time outside in nature.
  • 86% of school children agreed that they learnt things about nature that they didn’t know before.
  • 91% of teachers agreed that they want to spend more time teaching outside.
  • 83% of teachers agreed that taking part in lessons outside increases children’s confidence.
  • 98% of teachers rated the school outreach sessions as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’.

New partnerships 

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