Three albatrosses perched in the grass

Nature's future

Welcome to the Spring 2021 issue of Nature’s future. Thank you for recently requesting our gifts in Will pack. Our newsletter will show you some of the conservation work made possible thanks to gifts left to the RSPB.

A bird with its wings outstretched soars above the waters of Tristan da Cunha

Good news for albatrosses and penguins on Tristan

From crazy eye-browed rockhopper penguins to giant fluffy albatross chicks, the marine wildlife around Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic will now have better fortunes, thanks to a large marine protection zone. Jonathan Hall takes you on a virtual tour of the sights and sounds of ‘the most amazing place on Earth’.

Little terns chicks lay on a pebble beach

Little terns: a bird on the brink

A bridge crosses over a body of water surrounded by verdant woodland

Discover the UK's rainforests

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