UK nature urgently needs more, bigger and better homes.

Over the next 20-30 years, we must double the area of our existing UK reserve network, to protect more valuable wildlife habitat.

Nature reserves play a vital role in protecting habitats and saving species for the future. It's vital that we continue creating new reserves and extending established ones.

Please help us raise £500K this year to secure the homes that UK nature so desperately needs. We could double it by unlocking further funding from organisations like the Heritage Lottery Fund to create a £1 million Homes for Nature fund to secure special places in 2015.

With so many demands on our land, nature is getting squeezed out, leaving many of our most loved birds and animals with nowhere left to go. As the 2013 State of Nature report outlined, 60 per cent of all species studied are in decline and facing an uncertain future. 

Wildlife often finds itself trapped in isolated pockets of land that don't provide enough food, shelter or safety in which to thrive. So, you see, securing more land for nature is key to the survival of UK nature.

What we'll be doing

The 2014 'Homes for Nature Fund' allowed us to act quickly, securing an incredible 973 hectares of land across the UK (that's roughly the size of 1,362 football pitches).

One such purchase was a former quarry next to our Arne nature reserve in Dorset. Now we can join up the heathland, oakwoods and saltmarsh, and transform the valuable habitats in a former quarry into a wildlife haven.

Dartford warblers, deer, barn owls, sand lizards and dragonflies all make their home at Arne. A bigger and better connected nature reserve will make an even better home for the wide range of wildlife found there.

The land that the fund secured last year has brought us one step closer to what nature needs. Yet we can't stop now, we have to keep going.

This year we have several areas of land that need funding.

We're making ambitious plans to secure up to 1,000 hectares of habitat, the equivalent of about 1,400 more football pitches for nature.

Please help us raise £500,000. We could double it by unlocking further funding from organisations like the Heritage Lottery Fund. This will create a £1 million Homes for Nature fund to allow us to respond quickly, when opportunities arise, to purchase important habitats in 2015.

Donate now

Donating online is easy and ensures that more of your money is used for conservation.

Donate now

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Our target

With your help we've raised £300,000 towards our total of £500,000


Why we need your help

  1. Help us secure up to 1,000 hectares of habitat this year.
  2. We're targeting places where some of our most threatened species make their home. They are places where spoonbills are struggling to breed, where adders and rare bat species are threatened. And where otters and willow tits could thrive.
£10could secure up to 100 square metres of land for nature
£15could secure up to 150 square metres of land for nature
£25could secure up to 250 square metres of land for nature

What we're saving

Just some of the species we're giving homes to with your donation