Dr Felicity Edwards

Senior Conservation Scientist, International


My research focuses at the interface of species interactions, ecosystem functioning, and anthropogenic disturbances across the tropics. I have a particular interest in field-based research and entomology with applied questions. More specifically I’ve a keen interest and expertise in dung beetles.

My work at the RSPB is focused on understanding the dynamics of the Gola landscape in West Africa, and how this key biodiversity hotspot can be effectively protected and conserved. We aim to better understand the environmental and social-economic drivers of change across the landscape and in turn how to effectively manage the landscape to maximise biodiversity and other critical ecosystem services such as carbon, water resources along with other key regulating and provisioning services.

We are also interested in developing new ways to monitor biodiversity across time and space, working alongside leading scientists we hope to find new and innovative ways to aid Gola conservation.

Partners and Collaboration

  • Dr. Doug Yu, University of East Anglia
  • Dr. Alex Bush, Lancaster University
  • Dr. Zuzana Burivalova, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Dr Felicity Edwards

Senior Conservation Scientist, International

RSPB Centre for Conservation Science, RSPB, David Attenborough Building, Pembroke Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QZ.


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Ecosystem services International species New methods and technologies Protected areas Tropical forests