Dr Robert Beyer

Senior Research Assistant, Conservation Science


I completed my undergraduate in mathematics and economics at Technische Universität München and Kyoto University, and obtained a PhD in applied mathematics from the University Paris-Saclay (Centrale Supélec) and in forest science from Technische Universität München. Following a Postdoc in zoology at the University of Cambridge, I joined the RSPB in November 2016.

In my work, I assess the impact of different oil crops on local biodiversity and carbon release, in order to determine to what extent global vegetable oil production can potentially be shifted to environmentally sustainable crops.

I am particularly interested in vegetation dynamics at different spatial (individual, stand, global) and temporal (growing season, lifetime, climax state) scales, and in using large data sets as well as empirical and mechanistic models to analyse and predict responses to climatic and environmental changes.

Partners and Collaboration

  • Dr Sharon Brooks, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
  • Dr Cath Tayleur, BirdLife International
  • Prof David Coomes, University of Cambridge


Robert Beyer

Dr Robert Beyer

Senior Research Assistant, Conservation Science

The Lodge, Potton Road, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL



Agriculture Climate change Ecosystem services New methods and technologies Tropical forests Woodland