Farmland landscape with hedges and woodland, The Chilterns

Farmers in England

We work with farmers across all of England.

Here are some of the stories of our successes working together to give nature a home. 

Nature friendly farming in the Fens

The RSPB has supported a group of 22 farmer members across 28 farms who have signed up to provide a nature friendly zone to assist conservation measures.

Thanks to the efforts of all involved, tree sparrows have been recorded at one of the farms in the network.

Our case study is available for download as a pdf if you would like read about this success for nature.


The recovery of a farmland bird

Working with south Devon farmers who still had cirl buntings and helping them to access support to deliver the habitat needed, meant cirl buntings were saved from being lost from the UK.

Extending this work, has allowed the birds to spread and become less fragmented across their south Devon stronghold

Find out more by downloading our case study pdf 

Download case study