RSPB's Hope farm, at the time of the wheat harvest, Knapwell, Cambridgeshire

Charlie Watson-Smyth - Cornwall

Charlie Watson-Smyth was a finalist in the RSPB Nature of Farming Award 2013.


Judge's view

"We were impressed by the ambition and vision for the farm. It is clear that they have huge love and respect for the wildlife and their heritage. Their sympathetic management and enthusiasm makes them true farming heroes."

- Martin Harper, Director of Conservation, RSPB


Conventional farming and wildlife sit happily side by side at Tregirls - proving you can produce great food and still make home for nature.

Traditional cattle graze the cliff slopes and pastures creating perfect conditions for choughs, recently returned to the Cornish coastline. Late hay cuts allow skylarks and corn buntings to flourish - cereals teem with insects and are peppered with corn parsley, fumitories and marigolds, adding a splash of colour to the landscape.

Ancient Cornish hedgebanks, full of interest and life are a delight to the many visitors which come to this family run farm on holiday, the scent of honeysuckle and the lazy drone of bees creating lifelong memories.

Farmer's view

"My late father-in-law saw the last Cornish chough on his farm in 1973 and I want my own grandchildren to grow up watching a chattering of choughs at Tregirls like generations before."