RSPB's Hope farm, at the time of the wheat harvest, Knapwell, Cambridgeshire

Michael and Shirley Clarke - Dumfriesshire

Michael and Shirley Clarke were finalists in the RSPB Nature of Farming Awards 2013.


Judge's view

"The Clarkes provide a vision for farming and wildlife where orchids and lapwings thrive within a welcoming and productive family business."

- Victoria Chester, Chief Executive, Plantlife


Michael and Shirley Clarke run a lowland livestock farm near Lockerbie, which includes a herd of Highland cattle and 200 sheep. Here, they've integrated their personal interest in wildlife into their farming business.

As well as incorporating wildlife-friendly measures into existing grassland, woodland and wetlands, they've created new features including a pond, hedgerows, a wildflower meadow and wild bird cover.

The result is a farm rich in wildlife including lapwings, barn owls, otters, red squirrels and orchids.

Farmer's view

"We think “conservation” when we are planning and undertaking our commercial farming activities"