Hen harrier Circus cyaneus, female in flight against blue sky, Geltsdale, Cumbria


Skydancer was an exciting four-year project (2011-2015) aimed at raising awareness and promoting the conservation of hen harriers.

Most people have never seen a hen harrier, but once seen it's rarely forgotten. This bird is a beautiful, agile hunter, and its aerobatic sky dances are among the most awesome spectacles in nature. Unfortunately, with only a handful of pairs still breeding in England, the hen harrier is currently a species on the brink.

Skydancer - what next for hen harriers?

The Haltwhistle Film Project has made this fascinating film about some of the issues surrounding the protection of hen harriers.

Talking to young wildlife enthusiasts about raising awareness of the hen harrier.

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Help one of our most threatened birds of prey by donating to our Hen harrier appeal

Hen Harrier Hotline

Hen harrier, female at nest of eggs in heather

If you think you’ve seen a hen harrier please let us know. Information on what it looked like, where it was (grid reference if possible), and what it was doing (eg flying north, hunting, carrying nesting material) can help us keep to track of these birds and identify where they might be nesting.

Report a sighting

Call us on 0845 4600121 (calls charged at local rates) or email us.

National Lottery Award winner 2014

Hen harrier Circus cyaneus, female in flight against blue sky, Geltsdale, Cumbria

Skydancer was the proud winners of this year’s National Lottery Award for Best Education Project. A massive thank you to the 7,500 people, who took the time to vote for this project. In doing so, you have helped us gain national media attention for England's hen harriers and highlight their plight to millions of people.


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