Children taking part in Skydancer workshops for schools

Youth and Education

Through Skydancer, we offered free hen harrier-themed assemblies and workshops to all primary and secondary schools in the Forest of Bowland, Geltsdale and North Tynedale areas.

About our Skydancer workshops for schools

These sessions brought the magic of hen harriers and the moorland landscape into the classroom, providing a unique and engaging forum for young people of all ages to learn about the nature of their local uplands.

  • For secondary schools, a two-hour, interactive workshop focused on the issues of moorland management in relation to hen harriers, covering aspects such as ecology, sustainability, conflict resolution and man's influence on the natural environment.

  • For primary schools, an interactive assembly would use props, video clips and puppets to introduce children to the hen harrier and the moorland landscape in which it lives, in a fun and engaging way, suitable for all ages. Building on this, individual class workshops would give children the opportunity to gain a closer look at the secret life of hen harriers and the importance of their upland habitat, using a variety of games, crafts and activities to touch on subjects such as habitats, food-chains, adaptation and man's influence on the natural environment.

  • All sessions were completely free of charge and were individually tailored to meet the curriculum needs of the teacher, subject area and schools involved.

If you or your school would be interested in hen harrier visit, please see our Hen Harrier LIFE Project to find out more about current opportunities. 


The latest news for Skydancing Schools. PDF, 418Kb

Hen Harrier Herald - May 2012

The latest news for Skydancing Schools. PDF, 427Kb

Hen Harrier Herald - April 2012

Making the Skydancer computer game

Hen harrier Circus cyaneus, adult female perched on heather at Loch Gruinart RSPB reserve, Islay

Students at Northumbria University have developed a brand new computer game starring our sky dancing hen harriers!

The Private Life of Hen Harriers - Video

Hen harrier, female at nest of eggs in heather

Breeding on isolated hilltops in remote and often inaccessible moorland landscapes, this video offers a rare glimpse into the private lives of hen harriers.