Easy ways to make swifts welcome

Swifts have declined all across the UK, and are now on the Red list of Birds of Conservation Concern. You can help by providing ‘bed and breakfast’, giving them the homes and food they need.

What do swifts need?

When swifts arrive back in the UK in spring, after a marathon journey from their wintering grounds in Africa, they need two things: a safe place to nest and plenty of invertebrates to eat. But these things may be increasingly difficult to find.

As our houses are renovated and old buildings demolished, swifts find themselves shut out of the nooks and crannies they make their homes in. In addition, habitat loss, pesticide use and other factors may well have affected their insect prey, potentially making it harder for swifts to find enough food to breed successfully.

Put simply, without the food and nest sites they need to successfully raise chicks, swifts are likely to keep declining. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As you’ll see below, there are simple and effective ways that you can create your own swift B&B to support these wonderful birds while they’re in the UK.

Put up a nest box

By building a specially designed nestbox and fixing it under the eaves of your home, you can mimic the cosy holes swifts usually nest in. It’s easier than you might think too – follow our step-by-step instructions and video and you’ll have created a swift des-res in no time!

It can take a little while for swifts to adopt a new nest site, so don’t worry if your box isn’t used straight away. Swifts are long-lived and creatures of habit, so once they do find your box, they’ll keep returning to it year after year.

Also, don’t worry if other small birds find the boxes first – house sparrows, blue tits and great tits will all use swift nest boxes, but they usually won’t stop swifts taking over. Besides, our declining house sparrows need homes too! 


A wall-mounted swift nest box from the RSPB shop

Install a swift brick

If you’re embarking on some major house renovation work, creating an extension or building a new house then a swift brick, built into the fabric of a wall, is a great, permanent and low-maintenance alternative to a nestbox.


PDF, 4.5MB

Swift Brick Facts

Gardening for swifts

Providing extra food for many garden birds is very simple – we just hang up a few feeders and watch them flock in. But for swifts, who catch their invertebrate prey on the wing, it’s not so easy. Although we can’t provide food directly, we can all make our gardens more wildlife-friendly to encourage more of the insects that swifts, and many other species, depend on.


Grow wildflowers

Not only will growing wildflowers provide food and shelter for insects, which will in turn provide food for swifts and other wildlife, it will bring a wonderful splash of colour to your garden too. It’s win-win! Whether you plant up a window box or sow a whole meadow, every little helps.

Native wildflower seeds

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Create a pond

Where there’s water, there’s wildlife. That’s why one of the best ways to support insects, and therefore the wildlife that depends on them,  is to create a pond in your garden, whether it’s a mini one made out of a washing up bowl or something more substantial.


Blue tit by drinking pool

Pond liner kits

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Don't let threatened birds fade away

Will you help us to save our threatened birds? The number of birds at severe risk in the UK has nearly doubled. Our birds are struggling to find safe places to nest and enough food to feed their young. They urgently need our help. Find out about the RSPB’s work to save our threatened birds, and discover simple ways you can help them to thrive. Together, we can save our birds.