Vane Farm RSPB reserve, wetland after sunset, March 2004

Loch Leven Nature Reserve

Loch Leven Nature Reserve

At the heart of this Futurescape lies the picturesque Loch Leven, an internationally important wildlife site attracting thousands of visitors throughout the year.

What makes it special? The area offers spectacular wildlife throughout the year, from the largest nesting duck colony in the UK, to the thousands of pink-footed geese that descend on the loch during the autumn.

There is however, another, lesser-known story about Loch Leven, from which our Futurescape project is developing.

For many years, poor water quality affected biodiversity and those who used the loch for business and recreation. Only through many different organisations working together was the loch able to recover and become a haven for wildlife and people once again.

That is not the end of the story. We now have an opportunity to build on that fantastic work and create new habitats for wildlife, while maintaining and improving the water quality throughout the area. 


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Futurescapes - Loch Leven Nature Reserve

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Find out what’s going on near this Futurescape, including places to visit, news and local events, plus how you can work or volunteer for us. 

Views towards Loch Leven, Vane Farm RSPB reserve, Kinross, Scotland, July 2010
Loch Leven

Nearby reserves

Reserves and other protected areas are a key part of Futurescapes. They provide core areas for nature to thrive and eventually repopulate the surrounding landscapes. The key RSPB reserve within this Futurescape is:

Loch Leven

Part of the Loch Leven National Nature Reserve, this is an ideal day out for all the family. Visit our hides, they're great for getting close-up views of wildlife.

Viewing screen / blind / hide for bird watching, Vane Farm RSPB reserve, Kinross, Scotland, July 2010
Girl at Loch Leven

Featured projects

We're working to safeguard and improve special places for nature. Each Futurescape contains a range of initiatives in addition to our reserves. The combination of these creates better conditions for wildlife across the countryside.

Under new management

Primary pupils “take over” the new-look RSPB nature reserve.

Pupils take over the newlook RSPB Loch Leven (formerly Vane Farm)
Pupils takeover the newlook RSPB Loch Leven (formerly Vane Farm)

Our partners

Futurescapes is all about collaboration: there are many organisations and people involved in managing land at Loch Leven Nature Reserve. Our challenge is working together to find ways of making more space for nature. To achieve this we’re working with:

Saving special places