Estuary of Southwick Water/Solway Firth at sunset

Solway Coast Wetlands

Solway Coast Wetlands

Overlooked by Scottish hills to the north and Cumbrian Fells to the south, the Solway Plain offers a mixture of coastal, estuary and wetland habitats.

The estuary is hugely important for migratory waterbirds, supporting around 120,000 every winter. Inland, intensively managed farmland surrounds fragmented areas of raised peat bogs which hold a vital conservation value.

We are working with partners, as part of the Solway Wetlands Project, to restore peat bogs, rich in plants, dragonflies and butterflies. Around these bogs, we are creating wet woodland and grasslands, providing a home for breeding wading birds. We’re also working to ensure the adjoining saltmarshes and other estuary habitats continue to support breeding and wintering water birds.

With its new visitor and educational facilities, we are using Campfield Marsh nature reserve to promote the Solway Wetlands as a stand-out destination for natural beauty and wildlife.


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Futurescapes - Solway Coast Wetlands

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 Haweswater RSPB reserve. The southern tip of the reservoir, near the car park. Cumbria, England. June 2006.

Nearby reserves

Reserves and other protected areas are a key part of Futurescapes. They provide core areas for nature to thrive and eventually repopulate the surrounding landscapes. The key RSPB reserve within this Futurescape is:

Campfield Marsh

The reserve is comprised of a mosaic of saltmarsh, peat bogs, farmland and wet grassland providing homes to a great variety of native wildlife. Trails lead to a wheelchair accessible hide looking out over the main wet grassland area where lapwings, redshanks and snipe breed during the summer and thousands of swans, ducks and geese spend the winter months.

Campfield Marsh RSPB Reserve and Regersceugh farm, Cumbria. July 2003. Cows grazing on marsh
Campfield Marsh

Our partners

Futurescapes is all about collaboration. There are many organisations and people involved in managing land in the Solway Coast Wetlands. Our challenge is working together to find ways of making more space for nature. To achieve this we’re working with:

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