Holly, Ilex aquifolium at edge of clearing. Bluebells in background. Coombes Valley RSPB reserve. Staffordshire, England. May 2007.

Staffordshire Woods and Moors

Staffordshire Woods and Moors

From oak woodlands clinging to steep-sided valleys, to the open upland landscapes of the Peak District, the Staffordshire Woods and Moors is a rich tapestry of woodland, grassland and moorland which is home to a range of special wildlife.

The Churnet Valley woodlands provide homes for pied flycatchers, redstarts and wood warblers, alongside argent and sable moths and small pearl-bordered fritillaries.

The upland habitats of the South West Peak are important for curlews, snipe and lapwings, which continue to breed in the uplands meadows and pastures. Sadly these have all declined as their habitats have fragmented.

We are part of the Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership and the South West Peak Landscape Partnership, both supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Alongside our partners we are working to protect these iconic landscapes for future generations, and make homes for wildlife bigger and better linked.


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Futurescapes - Staffordshire Woods and Moors

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Sunset over lagoon, Middleton Lakes RSPB reserve, Staffordshire, 2014
Middleton Lakes

Nearby reserves

Reserves and other protected areas are a key part of Futurescapes. They provide core areas for nature to thrive and eventually repopulate the surrounding landscapes. The RSPB reserve within this Futurescape are:

Coombes Valley

This is a delightful oak woodland to walk through - especially during the spring and early summer when lots of migrating birds arrive to breed. Birds you may see on the steep valley sides include flycatchers, redstarts and wood warblers. There are also a wide variety of butterflies to spot.

Coombes Valley RSPB reserve. Staffordshire, England. Fields are managed by grazing or mowing, to benefit wild flowers & insects. May

Our partners

Futurescapes is all about collaboration. There are many organisations and people involved in managing land in the Staffordshire Woods and Moors. Our challenge is working together to find ways of making more space for nature. To achieve this we're working with:

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