Dartmoor Moorland Bird Project

Dartmoor is home to a wonderful variety of birds and provides a refuge for many species that are under threat elsewhere. The Dartmoor Moorland Bird Project aims to keep this area special for birds.


The Dartmoor Moorland Bird Project was set up in response to the launch of the Devon Bird Atlas, which highlighted the serious declines of many species across the county and the importance of Dartmoor in providing a stronghold for a number of birds of conservation importance.
Together, the project’s partners aim to encourage the recovery of threatened species and ensure that Dartmoor remains a special place for birds.
The RSPB hosts a moorland bird adviser on behalf of the partnership, whose role is to share species and habitat information and to provide advice to Dartmoor’s farmers and land owners. 
The project is also part of the Heritage Lottery (HLF) funded Moor Than Meets the Eye Landscape Partnership, operating in east Dartmoor until August 2019.


  • To provide habitat management advice to farmers and land owners, and produce interpreted maps of priority moorland habitats and birds.
  • To identify opportunities for trial/experimental management and associated monitoring where it might benefit priority bird species. 
  • To provide information and training to target audiences on moorland birds and their habitats.

Key Dates

  • Project started in June 2017 and will end in March 2020.


  • Duchy of Cornwall
  • Dartmoor National Park Authority
  • Dartmoor Commoners Council and farming representatives
  • Natural England
  • Devon Birds
  • Dartmoor Preservation Association


  • HLF Moor Than Meets The Eye Landscape Partnership
  • Duchy of Cornwall
  • Dartmoor National Park Authority
  • Devon Birds
  • Dartmoor Preservation Association



Coast on a stormy day

Fiona Freshney

Dartmoor Moorland Bird Advisor

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