Essex farmland bird project

This project is working with farmers near Wallasea Island and the Essex Coast corn bunting population. The aim is to provide a network of management through agri-environment schemes to benefit corn buntings and other priority farmland birds.

View of crops growing on farmland, Wallasea Island, Essex, UK


The RSPB is so excited about the birdlife in Essex that a dedicated member of staff is now on hand to help farmers and landowners make their land as wildlife-friendly as possible.
Frank, originally from Spain, is the RSPB’s new Farmland Bird Advisor for Essex and has always had a keen interest in birds here in the UK. Frank says: “I am incredibly pleased to call Essex my new home. I can see how proud people in Essex are of their farming traditions and I think it’s vital that this work continues.
 “I hope, by offering free advice and help with entering Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) or Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) agreements, we can help to reverse the worrying declines seen in some of our farmland birds."
Frank, based at the Wat Tyler Country Park went on to say: “Farming income can be much more diverse, having wildlife benefits on our farms will have significant financial gains as well as environmental ones.”


  • The project will seek to directly influence farmers and assist with agri-environmental scheme plans providing a network of arable land management options on over 100 square kilometres. Particular focus on arable land within the range of the Essex Coast corn bunting population. These habitats will also have high value for other farmland species such as skylark and yellow wagtail.
  • Provide 1:1 advice and support to farmers and landowners throughout the Essex coastal area. In particular advice will be focused on arable farmland surrounding the Crouch and Roach estuaries including the Foulness complex and the Dengie peninsula. This will involve site visits, discussions with the farmer and relevant Natural England staff, drawing up management plans and the completion of the necessary scheme paperwork.
  • The project will continually identify the need for running farmer demonstration events to instil enthusiasm into a substantial body of farmers to deliver positive land management for farmland birds.

Planned Work

  • Promotion of project.
  • Site visits, discussions with farmers and Natural England staff.



Coast on a stormy day

Francisco Vargas-Bianchi

Project Officer, Essex Farmland Bird Recovery
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