Farmland bird friendly zone

The Thorney Farmland Bird Friendly Zone (TFBFZ) is an ambitious landscape-scale farmland bird conservation project aimed at tailor managing arable farmland across a large area of Cambridgeshire countryside for the benefit of farmland birds and other wildlife.

Yellow wagtail, Motacilla flava flavissima, adult female. Catching insects (hoverflies etc.) at farmyard midden. Norfolk, England.


By creating the zone, a large area of wildlife friendly habitat will have been formed which will effect population increase and spread of, in particular, six range restricted farmland bird species. 

Key Dates

  • Nature-friendly farmers managing 37 square kilometres of surrounding farmed land have come together in this project to save farmland birds and other wildlife.

Planned Work

Land management options for farmland birds within the UK Government Environmental Stewardship Schemes are being used resulting in each farm being managed for the year round benefit of birds and other wildlife.



Coast on a stormy day

Simon Tonkin

Senior Conservation Officer , Farmland
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