Migneint farm advisory focus area

The Migneint is an upland unenclosed landscape where extensive upland beef and sheep systems dominate. We provide advice so the farmed landscape supports healthy populations of priority species while maintaining sustainable farming which produces high-quality food and secures wider ecosystem benefits.

Male Ring Ouzel, Turdus torquatus. Cairngorms National Park, Scotland.


To focus our resources and advice on priority species in key areas, in order to show demonstrable results.
The priority upland species are ring ouzel, golden plover, curlew, black grouse, red grouse, hen harrier and merlin, as well as other priority non-upland species for flora and fauna.


To give direct advice on managing priority habitats and species to farmers and other land managers within the Migneint Focus area.

If you are someone who manages land within the Migneint Focus area, you can contact our Bangor office on 01248 672850 for advice or to arrange a free farm advisory visit.

Planned Work

  • Monitoring and survey of key species.
  • Short film in conjunction with the National Trust explaining the key aims of the focus area.
  • Providing management advice on key species to land managers.
  • Examination of the management history of some key farms to further our understanding of what has happened to populations.


Coast on a stormy day

Fiona Walker

Conservation Officer, RSPB

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