North Wessex farmland bird project - south east

The North Wessex Downs is an important area for many farmland birds. This project will provide farmers and land managers in these areas with advice and help with agri-environment schemes.

Grey partridge in grass


To work with farmers and land managers, encouraging them to take up appropriate options in Environmental Stewardship schemes. This will help   boost farmland bird numbers in current hotspots  in the North Wessex Downs, enabling them to spread out across the wider countryside.  

This project concentrates on six species that still have strongholds in the Berkshire and Hampshire Downs, within the North Wessex Downs AONB.  These are lapwing, grey partridge, corn bunting, turtle dove, yellow wagtail and tree sparrow.


  • Engage with farmers through one-to-one visits, farm walks and demo events.
  • Help farmers enter ELS/HLS with options that provide farmland birds with the 'Big 3'.
  • Support, advise and train NE staff and other partners on farmland birds and provision of the 'Big 3'.
  • Develop good relationships with key partners.
  • Encourage participation in the V&FA.


  • Project began in April 2010.
  • Launch event in October 2010.


Planned Work

Project launch event to be held in October 2010. Other farming events will be held with the Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE)and Natural England. Free face-to-face advice on Environmental Stewardship is provided to farmers on an ongoing basis. Production of a project leaflet.


Farms in the project area are being given one-to-one advice.


  • RSPB
  • Natural England



Coast on a stormy day

Diane White

North Wessex Farmland Bird Advisor, RSPB
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