The Upper Wensum focus area

The Upper Wensum is located in the county of Norfolk in East Anglia. It is one of our focus areas targeting the conservation of the European turtle dove.

Turtle dove Streptopelia turtur, pair perched on agricultural machinery, Essex, England,


The objectives of this project include:

  • To work with farmers and landowners to implement optimum turtle dove habitat with the aim of reversing the decline in the English population.
  • To offer free face-to-face specialist turtle dove and farm conservation advice.
  • To offer a free advisory service to facilitate farmers accessing Environmental Stewardship funding, agreement amendments and derogations, plus free support throughout the duration of the agreement.
  • To work with schools and communities to raise awareness of the plight of the turtle dove.


  • We are currently working with farmers around the Fakenham and Great Ryburgh areas within the focus area itself
  • We are working with Norfolk County Council to identify council-owned land which can be managed for turtle doves
  • We have completed 11 monitoring surveys

Planned Work

We are currently planning to generate a working advisory group for turtle doves in the Upper Wensum. This would involve developing ongoing working relationships between Operation Turtle Dove partners and other organisations who deliver local land management advice. This would achieve a collaborative approach to ensure the best turtle dove advice and implementation of habitat is achieved across the focus area.


Coast on a stormy day

Alison Gardner

Conservation Adviser, RSPB
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