Alistair Robb won the Operation Lapwing award for Scotland in 2005, after having raised the Lapwing population on his farm from 0 to 63 pairs

Farming, Land Use and Nature

How can farmers balance the needs of food production and the environment?

We're working on a wide range of issues, from pesticides and GM crops to land-use change and bioenergy, to provide ideas to help answer this question.

Landscape-scale conservation

Wetland grasses
A landscape-scale approach is needed to reverse the degradation and fragmentation of priority habitats.

Tackling climate change

Pink footed geese Anser brachyrhyncus, in flight past wind turbines, Near Diepholz, Lower Saxony, Germany,
The changing climate is a major threat to the natural world and one of the key challenges facing agriculture.

Pesticides and fertilisers

Grain being spread from tractor at feeding site for Common or Eurasian crane Grus grus, during autumn migration period, near Gunz

Agricultural technologies & chemical inputs have made UK agriculture some of the most productive in the world. We believe that the pesticides and nutrients must be used with care, in a targeted way, and with respect to the environment.