Buff-tailed bumblebee Bombus terrestris, pollinating a Globe thistle Echinops

Response for Nature

In 2013, the State of Nature report found 60 per cent of UK species studied had declined in recent decades. That left the question: 'what needs to be done?'

These reports are our response. Many of the UK’s conservation organisations have joined forces in order to help outline the key actions which are needed from the governments in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

How we did it

Contributions from hundreds of conservationists were analysed. 

We looked at current conservation actions - everything from schemes to help farmers manage their land for nature, to engaging children with nature at school. What needs to be improved? What new things does nature need us to be doing?

We identified a range of actions necessary to save nature. While there are some common themes, there are also specific priorities for each UK country. The actions are in four reports.

You can read the State of Nature report 2016 here.

Children using butterfly nets in meadow, RSPB nature reserve at Lochwinnoch

Contact us

Jess Chappell
Senior Policy Officer
Telephone: 01767 693526

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England’s wonderful nature is vital for our society, culture and economy. Date: 13 October 2015. PDF, 1.29Mb

Response for Nature: England

Northern Ireland’s amazing nature is vital for our society, culture and economy. Date: 13 October 2015. PDF, 1.06Mb

Response for Nature: Northern Ireland

In 2013, 25 of the UK’s nature conservation and research organisations came together to produce the State of Nature report, setting out the state of our wildlife. Date: 13 October 2015. PDF, 1.32Mb

Response for Nature: Scotland

Wales has a rich natural heritage, which we value for social, cultural and economic reasons. Date: 13 October 2015. PDF, 1.64Mb

Response for Nature: Wales

Mae gan Gymru dreftadaeth naturiol gyfoethog rydym yn ei gwerthfawrogi am resymau cymdeithasol, diwylliannol ac economaidd. Date: 13 October 2015. PDF, 1.65Mb

Ymateb dros Natur: Cymru

Whilst the State of Nature report (2013) highlighted the significant declines happening to the UK’s nature, the Response for Nature Project identifies the priority actions needed to reverse these declines. Date: 13 October 2015. PDF, 1.91Mb

Response for Nature evidence report

List of conservation mechanisms and survey results indicating effectiveness. Date: 14 December 2015. PDF, 902Kb

Response Project Appendix 1

Response project survey data. Excel, 1.04Mb

Response Project Appendix 2

This spreadsheet holds the agreed outcomes of four workshops carried out in Spring 2015. Excel, 135Kb

Response Project Appendix 3