Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus, male displaying, Abernethy


The Response for Nature: Scotland report sets out some of the key actions that the Scottish Government must take as building blocks of an effective plan for nature recovery in Scotland.

The report

The report sets out the following key actions:

  • Set an inspiring vision.
  • Fully implement, defend and develop existing nature legislation.
  • Deliver a network of special places for nature.
  • Reinvigorate management of special places.
  • Safeguard and restore species.
  • Improve access to justice for nature.
  • Improve understanding of, and support for, nature.
  • Ensure the right incentives work for nature.
  • Include milestones and regular reporting on the state of Scotland’s nature.
  • Support people working together for nature.

How you can help

While this report is aimed mainly at political decision makers, everyone can help nature.

Here are some ways you can take action.


Many of the partner organisations have active campaigns to speak up for wildlife, and they need your help. Add your voice to the conversation.

Make your nature count

Many of the partner organisations are involved with monitoring wildlife. This is vital if we are to track the state of nature.


If you are not a supporter of any of the partnership organisations, why not join one today? 


Most of the partner organisations need volunteers to assist their work. Roles vary from work you can do at home to practical work outdoors. 

RSPB/Aldi Greenspace event, Children looking for wildlife as part of an activity with a RSPB volunteer, St Andrew's Park