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Regional environment economies reports

Our regional reports contain a large number of case studies of good practice and environmental businesses.

You can find downloadable versions of these reports for your region below.


These reports look at:

  • The Environmental Sector (pollution abatement, waste management)
  • The Natural Environment Sector (conservation)
  • Greening Primary Industries (eg organic farming)
  • Environmental Technologies (eg wind power)
  • Tourism
  • Inward Investment   

Each report looks at the scale of activity which is dependant on a good quality environment and on positive environmental management. They make policy suggestions for their regions, including:

  • Environmental protection is a mechanism for economic development
  • Environmental damage is a threat to many jobs/sectors
  • The environment is an essential part of all modern businesses and a market opportunity for all sectors   

Please note that no known reports have been published covering the London, Northern Ireland or Scottish regions.

Oak leaves

East Midlands

This report, for the first time, looks at the contribution made by the environment to the economy of the East Midlands. PDF, 1.55Mb

The environmental economy: summary

This report provides the findings of a study which has quantified the contribution of the environment to the East Midlands’ economy. PDF, 548Kb

The environmental economy

East of England

Environmental Prosperity - The importance of the environmental economy, opportunities for business, and the environment as an asset for business PDF, 322Kb

Business and the environment: summary

This study has considered relationships between the economy and the environment in the East of England. PDF, 402Kb

Business and the environment

The aim of this study has been to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the inter-connections which define the environment-economy nexus in the East of England. PDF, 234Kb

Training provision for the environmental economy

North East

The environment of the North East of England is one of the region’s biggest assets. This study quantifies the contribution of the environment to the region’s economy and provides recommendations for increasing this contribution in the future. PDF, 777Kb

Valuing the environment

North West

The North West’s environment is an asset that enhances people’s quality of life, attracts inward investment and generates billions of pounds of business. PDF, 25Kb

The environmental economy: summary

South East

The environment is a capital resource that underpins much economic activity in the region. PDF, 803Kb

The environmental economy of the South East of England: summary

The Environmental Economy of the South East of England comprises a wide variety of economic activities that have a common link in that they are all integrally related to the environment. PDF, 746Kb.

The environmental economy

South West

Linking the environment with jobs and wealth creation. PDF, 473Kb

An environmental prospectus


Wales: An Environment for Growth. The report sets out to inform the decisions taken by the National Assembly for Wales and other bodies. PDF, 519Kb.

Valuing our environment - summary

The Economic Impact of the Environment of Wales. PDF, 377Kb

Valuing our environment - full report

The Economic Impact of the Environment of Wales. PDF, 231Kb

Valuing our environment: technical summary

PDF, 8Kb

A: Consultees

PDF, 120Kb

E: Case studies

West Midlands

This report examines the contribution of the environment to the economy of the West Midlands. PDF, 225Kb

The environmental economy

Yorkshire and Humber

The environmental economy is a dynamic and growing part of the economy of Yorkshire and the Humber. PDF, 328Kb

The environmental economy: summary

The geographic scope of the study was the Government Office region of Yorkshire and the Humber. PDF, 912Kb

The environmental economy