Field margin at RSPB's Hope farm, Knapwell, Cambridgeshire

Agriculture and land-use

The day-to-day decisions made by farmers are influenced greatly by agricultural policy at the national level and, despite the results of the referendum, at the European Union level too in the immediate future.

The RSPB campaigns for policies which provide a fair deal for farmers, consumers and wildlife. We want to see sustainable farming which provides safe, healthy, affordable food, protects and enhances the environment and its wildlife, supports diverse and attractive landscapes and contributes to a thriving rural economy.

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Food and farming

Just as you depend on the UK's farmland for the food you eat every day, so does much of our wildlife.

Our newsletter, Fieldfare

Young rabbit Oryctolagus cunniculus, Conwy RSPB reserve

Find out more about Fieldfare, the RSPB UK newsletter on land-use policy and wildlife.

Our farming blogs

Grain being spread from tractor at feeding site for Common or Eurasian crane Grus grus, during autumn migration period, near Gunz

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We work on a wide variety of issues relating to farming and agriculture policy. Browse and download the latest agriculture policy documents.