Aerial shot of rainforest, Sumatra, Indonesia

International dimensions

The RSPB's forestry policies cover more than just the countries of the United Kingdom.

Our international efforts

The RSPB is part of the BirdLife International global partnership, including the Global Forest Policy Project.

  • In Europe, we press for the protection and enhancement of native woods, through EU forestry and agricultural policy.
  • We lobby for sustainable forest management practice, to ensure that the EU doesn’t fund new forest planting on important habitats, or allow the destruction of ancient woodland.
  • We want to see an end to the trade in forest products from environmentally unsustainable sources. What the UK and the EU specifies and buys is a key issue.
  • Rainforests are among the most biodiverse places on earth and critical for the world’s climate. They are, however, under ever increasing threat from destruction through legal and illegal logging and large scale conversion to agricultural land, such as oil palms, grazing land and timber plantations.
  • We are working in partnership on a number of large scale rainforest conservation projects.
Early morning mists rise over the Harapan Rainforest, Sumatra, Indonesia