Golden grasses in the foreground, in front of a dark silhouetted tree line and a silhouetted mountain in the far distance

International Casework

Fighting to save special species and places across the world

Greater Gola Landscape

Black and white camera still of 2 chimpanzees standing in the forest, looking directly at the camera

Greater Gola, between Sierra Leone and Liberia, provides the habitat for a wide range of globally threatened species, such as Western chimpanzee, pygmy hippo, Diana monkey, white-necked Picarthartes, white-breasted guinea-fowl and Gola malimbe.


We advocate to protect this forest from roads, mines and dams.


Image © RSPB, Gola Rainforest National Park

Hutan Harapan

View over a green and yellow tree canopy of Harapan rainforest under a foggy, cloudy sky

Hutan Harapan is one of the last remaining fragments of lowland rainforest in Sumatra, harbouring critically endangered species including Sumatran tiger, Sumatran elephant, Sunda pangolin, helmeted hornbill and Storm’s stork.


We are working with local communities to promote sustainable development while opposing oil and coal developments that would irreversibly damage the forest.


Image © Bruce Liggitt

African sites casework

Man in a red and blue checked shirt, standing in the forefront  of a sandy, sunny Lake Natron, with sparse vegetation and mountains in the background  reaching up into the clouds

The RSPB works closely with BirdLife International partners across Africa to safeguard sites against harmful developments. Harnessing local to global support, we aim to protect special habitats.


Examples of ASCET’s interventions include:

  • Protecting the Okavango delta from oil and gas development in the Kavango Basin
  • Advocacy against Batoka Gorge hydro-electric dam which threatens Mosi-oa-Tunya/Victoria Falls World Heritage Site
  • Work on renewable energy at a regional level


Image © Bruce Liggitt

UK overseas territories

Close up view of an albatross in flight with a dark blurred cliff edge and glimmering blue waves, in the background

The RSPB works closely with partners across many of the UK overseas Territories. These include Birdlife Cyprus as well as local conservation organisations in the Caribbean and Atlantic territories. We work to protect habitats and species from harmful development as well as ensuring construction legislation protects nature through advocacy.


We also want to future proof developments in these areas from the threats of climate change.


Image © David Higgins