Aerial view of Medmerry reserve, along the coastline on a sunny day

Nature Conservation across Europe and Central Asia

How the RSPB works across Europe and Central Asia


Silhouetted staff observing a golden sun-setting sky full of great shearwaters from the roof of the base on Gough Island

As the UK member of BirdLife, we share a belief that people working for nature in their own local patch, connected to others elsewhere, is the key to delivering good conservation outcomes. Our unique local-to-global approach delivers high impact and long-term conservation for the benefit of nature and people.

Why European policy matters for nature

View looking up at a selection of the country flags flying outside the European Parliament buildings in Strasbourg

UK species and the threats they face do not recognise borders and need transboundary collaboration across Europe and the EU (UK Sovereign Base Areas in Europe continue to be bound by European law).


EU environmental standards play a critical role in conservation outcomes both in the UK, across the EU and globally. We can’t tackle the nature crisis without the BirdLife Europe partnership.


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How is the RSPB involved?

Group of 24 smiling people posing for the camera, many with binoculars around their necks, on a grassy field, on a grey, windy day

RSPB works closely with partners across the region and with colleagues in the BirdLife Europe and Central Asia Secretariat, based in Brussels. This includes sharing data, knowledge and expertise to get the best outcomes for nature.


We collectively advocate for higher ambition in the UK, across Europe and globally to conserve birds and biodiversity by focussing on species, sites and habitats and ecological sustainability.


Image © Eleanor Burke

Our policy work

Swan swimming in a stream that is running alongside a green grass bank that then backs onto the sandy coloured ground of a gravel quarry site, with a large vehicle at work moving materials

We work and collaborate at a European level to ensure we have the right legal, policy and financial frameworks to address the nature and climate emergency.


Areas we are working on include the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP, European nature restoration, lead poisoning, as well as land use and the marine environment. You can find out more about this work in RSPB’s Global Policy webpages.