Children doing bioblitz, Giving Nature a Home in Glasgow


We work in partnership with Real World Learning and Learning for Sustainability Scotland to raise awareness of the importance of children's connection to nature.

The importance of children's connection to nature

In the past, we worked with the Scottish Government and others on mechanisms for supporting delivery of the sustainable development education content in Curriculum for Excellence (CfE).

Understanding the importance of biodiversity and the environment, as part of sustainable development, has now been recognised as one of the key aims of school education.

The recognition of outdoor learning as an integral part of the curriculum within CfE and the standards for teacher registration in Scotland is a turning point. Every child now has the entitlement to learning outside the classroom and regular experience of the natural world.

We will continue to play our part in championing the role of first-hand experience in learning about the importance of the environment - bringing greater understanding of the importance of connection to nature, biodiversity and sustainable development to all pupils in Scotland's schools.

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