Wildlife crime. Egg collection, siezed from a collector in Grimsby, Lincolnshire in 2006. 7,700 eggs in total.

Eurogroup Against Bird Crime

The Eurogroup Against Bird Crime is a conservation network, consisting primarily of representatives from bird protection societies.

Eurogroup Against Bird Crime

The Eurogroup Against Bird Crime (EABC) works with representatives from European bird protection societies which have an expertise in bird conservation legislation and species protection issues. The RSPB is the EABC representative in the UK.

The group exists to seek ways of improving the enforcement of wildlife legislation, leading to better conservation of bird species.

The group seeks to achieve this by:

  • Collating information about bird-related crime of an international nature and information about the offenders.
  • Passing this information to the official agencies, such as police, customs, CITES management authorities and other officials involved in the implementation of conservation legislation.
  • Helping to provide a link between the authorities of different countries to help co-operation in the enforcement of conservation legislation.   

The group aims to:

  • Provide its members with information which can be used for campaigning issues and for seeking improvements to conservation legislation.
  • Provide practical assistance and expert advice to help the authorities carry out their responsibilities under conservation legislation.
  • Use the media to create public awareness about bird crimes.
Dead poisoned Red kite

How you can help

Poisoned bird of prey

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