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Tuesday 13 July 2021

Geese on migration flying over mountains

We have a mission for you!

Imagine if there were nature clubs like running clubs on our doorsteps - regular ways to come together, enjoy and act for nature.

Imagine if people could identify nature opportunities in their area and be matched up with others in the community who have the skills, experience or ambition to help take action.

Imagine if individuals and organisations came together in an ‘academy for nature’ offering and participating in courses to connect with and conserve nature.

We know that we need more people to come together in more ways to create a world richer in nature. We know this because, despite the UK being home to some of the world’s longest running and leading nature conservation organisations, we are amongst the most nature depleted countries in the world. The least biodiverse of the G7 and the third lowest across the European Union - with dramatic species decline since the 1970s. What this tells us is that to create a world richer in nature goes beyond any one organisation or even all the efforts of conservation organisations combined - instead it will take more of us feeling connected to and empowered to act for nature, taking small and big actions in our homes, community and society as a whole.

The good news is that this is already happening. Since 2000 the amount of people giving their time to nature conservation has gone up 46% (State of Nature Report 2019) and we know that lockdowns have only increased connection with nature and understanding of its importance in our lives - 67% of adults rising to 72% in younger adults (18-34 year olds) said that noticing nature made them happier (National Trust YouGov poll 2021). We see hope everywhere: in the youth powered movements (Sunrise Movement, Black2Nature, Our Bright Future to name just a few) that are driving climate change and the environment up the political agenda; in the community organised approaches fostering on the ground change embodied by initiatives like Transition Network, Eden Project Communities and Extinction Rebellion; in the increasing understanding of ourselves through and as part of nature - see Flock Together’s Parakeet story, The Resilience Project.

These green shoots point to a different future for nature - one where more of us feel belonging within the natural world, hope and ability to act for it. We want to lean into this future, learning from, building upon and partnering with individuals and organisations to explore how we might best come together to create a world richer for nature.

That's why...

We’re exploring what a ‘membership for nature’ might look like in the future; taking the idea of membership back to its most simple of belonging to a group of people who care for nature and want to see it flourishing. We know that millions of us care deeply for nature, want to take action and be part of something bigger - and we know that there are ways to do this that go beyond current ideas of membership - we want to explore what that looks like.


How to get involved

We already come together for nature in many ways, through existing memberships like RSPB’s and others, through friends and family, local groups, campaigns and initiatives. We want to hear your experience of feeling connected to nature and empowered to take action (no matter how big or small) — and your ideas for how we might be able to do even more together in the future.

To take part, please return to the email you received, and follow the link through to the survey.


Last Updated: Tuesday 13 July 2021

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