The RSPB is asking you to share what you’re appreciating in the world around you

Caroline Offord

Friday 3 July 2020

Have the last few months made you appreciate your local green spaces more? Maybe you’ve noticed the wildlife in your garden or local park for the first time or been inspired to create some wild art or music?

Between 1st and 31st July, the RSPB is inviting people across the UK to share the new things they have noticed that’s different in their world, and what they have started to value more during these unsettling times.

Since the UK first went into lockdown it’s been a unique time for most of us. This spring has been unlike any other and, more than ever, we’ve seen how important the natural world is to our wellbeing.

From enjoying the uplifting sound of birdsong through an open window, to getting a welcome dose of fresh air and exercise in a local park, many of us have found solace in nature and had time to notice what’s going on around us.

Adam Murray, Head of Community Empowerment at the RSPB, said: “Connecting with the natural world is more important than ever. Over the last few months, as we juggled work, family life and wellbeing, all from the confines of home, the natural world became a playground, a gym, a tonic, and much more besides. But while our lives have changed, the threats to nature have not gone away.

“We’d love you to share the new things you have noticed and started to appreciate more in your world – large and small. Whether it’s cleaner air, the wildlife in your local park or getting creative in your support of the natural world, we’d love to hear about it. We want to know what you’ve started to value during these strange times.”

Daisy Hughes from Bedfordshire, said: “I’ve noticed that some of my nearby verges are being mown less often, meaning they’re full of ox-eye daisies, orchids, dandelions, trefoil and clovers – gorgeous, amazing for pollinators and absolute oases for insects in a heavily built-up area! Would love to keep it like this after lockdown wherever growth doesn’t obstruct road view – would be great to see councils following “no-mow May”.

To get involved share your story and photos using #MyWorldNow on social media. Share the campaign with friends and family and post about what you’ve been noticing and appreciating in your world.

Later in the summer, the RSPB will be celebrating these stories from across the UK and sharing ideas to help people take action for the things they value.

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