RSPB backs love birds Jack and Dani to take Love Island crown

Emily Kench

Friday 27 July 2018

Swifts flying over rooftops

GOTTA TEXT! Well not quite, but we have some big news for the millions of Love Island fans out there.

After wooing fellow islanders and the watching public with his nature knowledge, the RSPB is officially putting all our eggs into one basket and backing Jack and Dani – AKA Jani – to take the Love Island crown. 

Along with the rest of the nation, we’ve been hooked on Love Island. We’ve loved watching the nature lessons Jack’s given to his fellow islanders over the past couple of months, and his excitement when watching birds (of the feathered variety) visiting the villa, most recently declaring “I love nature” after watching swifts swooping down to catch flies near the pool. 

Jack Gives Dani and Alex a Swift Lesson in Nature

Love Island 2018


In fact, we’re so impressed with Jack’s enthusiasm and knowledge about our feathered friends, that we’ll be temporarily renaming our popular ‘Island Mere’ hide at RSPB Minsmere nature reserve in Suffolk, to ‘Love Island Mere Hideaway’, as a tribute to the love birds if they win the show next week.

“We’ve put all our eggs in one basket and we’re willing them to win. It’s been great to watch Jack and Dani find love so swiftly, but even better to see Jack get excited by the wildlife around the villa, enthusing Dani and the other contestants about how brilliant nature is.”

Jeff Knott, RSPB Regional Director and resident Love Island expert

After eight weeks locked up in the villa, an afternoon in enjoying wildlife and the beautiful landscape at one of the RSPB’s 200 nature reserves could be just what Jack and Dani need – and we’d love to host them. 


Jeff added: “Whilst Jack and Dani might not yet be fully-fledged members of the ‘DBS’, we’d love then to come down to one of our reserves. Unfortunately we don’t have any rainbow fish, but we do have some chirpsing birds, and some dramastic, vibey scenery.  

“In fact, Jack’s done such a good job at inspiring others, there could be a job in it for him!”

Last Updated: Friday 27 July 2018

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