Monopoly: the bird board game set to soar

Thursday 1 August 2019

The family favourite game Monopoly has had a wildlife makeover by the RSPB.

It’s the traditional game you know and love; work your way round the board and if you land on an unowned square, buy it up. But in the place of Mayfair or Old Kent Road, RSPB Monopoly gets you collecting the sites of stunning birds. Rather than purchasing Fenchurch Street station, you’ll visit habitats such as woodlands, wetlands and coastal reserves.

Even the Community Chest and Chance cards have been given a nature theme: “You have won 2nd prize in the photography competition. Collect M10.” Add new birdwatching hides and visitor centres as you go, to see who can make the best bird sites and become the top wildlife conservationist.

As well as being great fun, the family favourite will introduce young audiences to our native wildlife. RSPB Monopoly includes twenty-two UK bird species with gorgeous images. Can you beat your friends and family to the coveted dark blue puffin or gannet sites?

Sophie Martin, the RSPB Product Manager: “We are really excited to launch our new game. Everybody loves Monopoly and this wonderful edition will appeal to wildlife and board game enthusiasts alike. The added benefit is that as well as having fun, sales of this game will help save nature.”

RRP: £34.99 and can be bought from the RSPB shop

For 2-8 players, ages 8+

Contains game board, playing pieces, cards, Monopoly money and full instructions.

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