Save nature in style

Jenna Hutber

Friday 17 May 2019

There’s more you can do to let nature sing.


Nature lovers can show off their support for wildlife and help protect birdsong for future generations by wearing t-shirts made from groundbreaking circular fashion technology.


Last month wildlife enthusiasts helped RSPB make history as our pure birdsong single Let Nature Sing reached No 18 in the charts. 


As nightingales, robins and cuckoos trilled, trumpeted and crooned the nation started to wake up to the shocking loss of 44 million birds from the UK in just 50 years.


The RSPB has collaborated with Isle of Wight-based fashion technology business Teemill (powered by Rapanui) to create plastic-free t-shirts raising awareness of the dramatic decline of nature.


Rapanui’s Teemill team designed organic t-shirts to be returned for recycling when they’re worn out and are now offering RSPB shirts made from the recycled clothing.


By using modern technologies like AI to maximise the efficiency of the supply chain, the RSPB products made by Teemill are printed in a renewable energy-powered factory in real time -  seconds after they are ordered. This also means no stock is wasted.


RSPB Product and Licensing manager Rebecca Porter said: “Rapanui already had a great environmental track record - which was one of the reasons we were so excited to work with them on our Let Nature Sing campaign.


“So when they asked if we wanted to support the recycled tee in our shop, we jumped at the chance!


“Let Nature Sing isn’t just about getting Government to protect wildlife, it’s looking at what every person can do to help - including living more sustainably and reducing environmental impacts. We’re proud that our Save Nature Now tee can now be bought in recycled organic cotton.”


Over 100 billion items of clothing are made per year, and yet a truck full of textiles is burned or buried in landfill every second, according to a 2017 report by environmental research charity the Ellen MacArthur foundation. Current projections indicate that the linear clothing industry, which takes resources and creates waste at a furious pace, will more than triple by 2050, says the report.


“Slowing down fast fashion won't fix it, but when we took material people normally throw away at the end and make new products from it at the start, it changed everything. What is needed is the technology to make the reverse logistics of fashion possible and economical. That’s exactly what we’ve done,” said Mart Drake-Knight, design engineer at Teemill.


“It’s a circular fashion economy where everybody wins.


Customers scan the label inside with their phone to activate a free post returns coupon when the product is worn out. 


Teemill recover and remanufacture the materials into new t-shirts and give the customer £5 off a new item.  Technology efficiencies enable these plastic free, organic and recycled t-shirts to be retailed new at £20.


Consumers can buy circular T-shirts at  


You will also be helping to fund vital conservation research and wildlife habitats as 12.5 per cent of all sales goes to the RSPB. 


Last Updated: Tuesday 9 November 2021

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