Britain’s best-loved birds, could disappear from much of Britain’s coastline

Thursday 4 November 2021

As COP26 in Glasgow continues, the BTO has published a timely report that indicates the UK's puffin population could plunge by as much as 90 per cent by 2050 if global warming is not checked.

That could mean the loss of more than one million, according to the BTO.

The report shows that climate change is also affecting other seabirds, such as kittiwake; in all, 11 of our 20 breeding seabird species are regarded as being highly vulnerable to future climate change. The UK holds an internationally important number of seabirds.

This report is just another stark warning about the very real and present danger facing our wonderful wildlife.  It should act as a reminder to world leaders and negotiators at the climate conference that nature is in deep peril, and we need significant and swift action to save it and tackle climate change. This is why the RSPB is attending COP26 in Glasgow, and why we are joining people across the UK in calling for action. And we’ll be following this through when COP15 takes place in China next spring.

Read BTO's full report here.

And listen to BTO’s Chief Executive, Professor Juliet Vickey, talking about it on Radio 4’s Today Programme -around 8.55am / 2hours 55mins in.

Last Updated: Tuesday 25 January 2022

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