Ending the devastating loss of our forests

Tuesday 2 November 2021

The world's forests are vital for our wildlife and our ability to lock up carbon as we tackle the nature and climate emergency.

Many of our summer birds such as house martins rely on the forests of Africa for their winter home, but deforestation is putting them at risk while also releasing carbon into the atmosphere. 

Today’s announcement is hugely important. Every world leader signing the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use recognises that this is a nature and climate emergency, and that only through halting and reversing the loss of forests can 1.5 stay within reach.

The destruction of our forests is having a devastating impact on our wildlife and nature’s ability to keep carbon locked up. And, this in turn is linked to the products on our shelves that have seen forests around the world cleared for palm oil, livestock, soy and cocoa. The Forest Agriculture Commodities and Trade (FACT) Statement announced today is the first time that producer and consumer countries have come together on this issue, and is an important step towards halting and reversing forest loss.

Beccy Speight - chief executive

Beyond ending deforestation this new commitment is bringing countries and the private sector together through major new financial commitments to mark the start of a truly global response that will  be needed to protect and restore our wild places. Many of the birds that we enjoy in the summer will be returning to the forests of Africa at this moment, protecting these birds in both of their homes is vital.

The Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration is an important milestone towards the much-needed level of ambition and cooperation needed to revive our world.  But the real strength of this agreement will be after COP26 when countries deliver the action needed to make these commitments a reality. The Environment Bill currently at Westminster will be an important indicator for this.

Over the next two weeks we will be talking with decision makers to ensure they hear those voices and recognise this is a nature and climate emergency.

Join us in person or virtually through #MyClimateAction as we make sure decision makers hear your voice.

Last Updated: Tuesday 25 January 2022

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