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Puffin, Isle of May

It’s a brand new nesting season and we’ve prepared an all-star line-up of birds to keep you on the edge of your seats. From goshawks and ospreys in the Cairngorms to puffins off the coast of Northumberland and barn owls down in Dorset, they’ve been busy scouting out the perfect nest sites and now they’re coupled up and ready to take centre stage on our nest cams.

Puffin, Isle of May

Don’t miss a moment of nesting season drama with our RSPB nest cams

Forget the Love Island villa in Mallorca or the Big Brother house in Elstree – RSPB reserves around the country are where the reality TV action is really at.

Whether the birds are keeping their eggs cosy or bringing back food for their new hatchlings, our live streams give you a behind-the-scenes look at all the goings-on. It’s a bit like when they used to show live Big Brother footage round-the-clock on Channel 4, but much more exciting. Here are all the nest cams you’ll want to tune into over the coming weeks and everything you need to know about our lineup of stars.

Keep a lookout for a new castmate at Coquet Island

It’s all go over on Coquet Island, where the newest addition to our line-up is about to make their big on-screen debut. After weeks of the puffins taking it in turns to sit on their egg, their puffling (yes, baby puffins officially have the cutest name) is nearly ready to hatch! But the hard work isn’t over for our puffin parents, they’ve got a lot of fishing to do to keep their chick happy and healthy. A puffling can eat anywhere from 5-15 meals a day and expects a fresh, fishy dish each time. Talk about about a demanding co-star! 

Coquet Island is to seabirds what Mallorca is to Love Island castmates – a sanctuary where they can meet up with other worldies. That is other birds who travel the world’s skies and seas. When it comes to relationships, puffins are some of the most loyal islanders – they mate for life. Our nest cam takes you inside their custom-built burrow (only the best for our islanders) where, if you’re lucky, you might see the puffling’s grand entrance.


Take to the treetops with our Ospreys at Loch Garten

The ospreys are the perfectionists of our lineup – they’re constantly rearranging their nests to make them the ideal shape for incubating eggs and looking after hatchlings. The males find the nest materials and the females do the building – talk about teamwork makes the dream work. This is a partnership that can really go the distance, as in all the way to the top of a very tall tree. Ospreys can nest in cliff ledges, coastal rocks and even on electricity pylons, but treetops, especially conifers, are their absolute faves. And that’s where our Loch Garten nest cam will take you. It’s a bit windy up there but the ospreys love it.

Get all romantic with our Barn Owls at Arne

Barn Owls are the romantics of the group and not only because their faces are shaped like hearts. Partners mate for life and use affectionate gestures like preening one another and rubbing cheeks to strengthen their bond. Mating almost always takes place after a romantic meal which is usually a rodent (delicious for owls, but probably won’t earn them a spot on Celebrity Masterchef). Romantics they may be, but tidy housemates they are not. Barn owls nest on top of pellets made of regurgitated material like bones and fur that the owls can’t digest. This might sound a little unpleasant but in the owl world, it makes for some seriously comfy chick bedding. The barn owl nest cam is located in a cosy and quiet spot at our Arne reserve. Just as the stars of TOWIE love the shops and restaurants of Brentford, Essex, the barn owls love the rough grasslands and hedgerows of Arne – they’re perfect for hunting and nesting.

Don’t miss the drama with our Goshawks at Abernethy

Goshawks are a rare species – reality stars who prefer to keep things private. While they may be shy and elusive, you’ll still get a dose of drama as these birds are seriously aggressive hunters. When the chicks arrive, you can expect to see sibling rivalry worthy of a Kardashians episode and some gruesome feeding scenes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The nest is located in Abernethy Forest at our Loch Garten reserve where the birds weave between the pines. They’re such graceful movers, they wouldn’t be out of place on the Strictly Come Dancing line-up. It takes some time before chicks can fly with quite the same style, which is why you may see them limbering up on a branch near the nest before fledging.