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Sunset over heathland at RSPB Arne nature reserve

Image: Ben Hall

Our work in England is carried out across five regions and from our UK headquarters at The Lodge.

  • From ancient woodlands and lowland heaths to estuaries and rugged coasts, England is rich in wildlife habitats.
  • Our many nature reserves in England, from the coast to urban areas provide wonderful opportunities to explore these habitats and many more. They are the ideal places to discover and enjoy wildlife.
  • We are restoring, creating and enhancing thousands of hectares of land to benefit people and wildlife, from reedbeds and heathland to chalk grassland and wetlands. England's quarries and mineral workings, for example, hold the key to restoring large areas of wildlife habitat.
  • We work to protect and increase populations of key, threatened species, such as cirl buntings, bitterns, Dartford warblers and stone-curlews.
  • Our vision for water and wildlife is one of a landscape filled with healthy lakes, rivers and coasts, supporting wildlife in abundance, and providing places for people to work, rest and play. In this future, historic English wetlands such as the Somerset Moors are protected and restored, and new wet places have been created for people to enjoy close to towns and cities.
  • In the uplands, many birds of prey, such as hen harriers, goshawks and peregrines are still absent or suffering from illegal killing. Our Investigations Section has been involved in a range of issues to improve wildlife law enforcement and has had many successes.
  • We work on a range of issues to protect and conserve the birds of our seas and coasts, and the wonderful marine environment on which they depend, from the impacts of human activities.
  • With the help of our supporters we protect important wildlife sites from development as in the 'No Airport at Cliffe' campaign.
  • Agriculture is one of the our top priorities; farmland bird population recovery is one of our main aims. We advise farmers, landowners to conserve priority farmland bird species and habitats by promoting appropriate land management and assisting entry into the Environmental Stewardship scheme, particularly the Higher Level scheme.
  • Our work with farmers is aimed at population recovery of the lapwing, tree sparrow, corn bunting, turtle dove and other farmland birds, by creating suitable habitat using agri-environment schemes.

Contact details

UK Headquarters
The Lodge
SG19 2DL
Tel: 01767 680551

46 The Green
OX16 9AB
Tel: 01295 253330

Eastern England
Stalham House
65 Thorpe Road
Tel: 01603 661662

North England
1 Sirius House
Amethyst Road, Newcastle Business Park
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: 0191 256 8200
Fax: 0191 233 4322

South East England
1st Floor, Pavilion View
19 New Road
East Sussex
Tel: 01273 775333

South West England
Keble House
Southernhay Gardens
Tel: 01392 432691